Welcome to the website of CORROSION. With decades of experience in cathodic (corrosion) protection of steel structures (ICCP) and marine growth prevention (ICAF or MGPS for boxcoolers and sea water intakes), we have been enjoying high reputations around the world for our expertise and know-how. Supplemented by worldwide services and marketing distribution networks, we are a leading… Read More

  • Maritime ICAF

    Our Marine Growth Protection System (MGPS) or Anti-Fouling System (ICAF) is a guarantee to effectively prevent bio-fouling, like barnacles, mussels, algae … Read More

  • Maritime ICCP

    An impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) system from Corrosion & Water-Control (CWC), protects your ship durably and effectively against corrosion … Read More

  • ICCP Wind Turbines

    Wind turbines are getting more and more popular these days. However, these huge steel structures of wind turbines are usually located near or in the sea. As a result … Read More

  • Sacrificial Anodes

    Cathodic protection can also be achieved by a more traditional way, namely sacrificial anodes. This method is to connect the protected metal structures with  … Read More

  • ICCP On-Offshore & Harbour

    (Sea)water is a natural electrolyte of high corroding rate. On-offshore and harbor structures submerged in (sea)water or buried in the ground are at the serious … Read More

  • Sim. Based Monitoring

    Real Time Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) Simulation-Based Monitoring has been developed to check and optimize the designs of cathodic protection systems … Read More

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