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The ICCP-SAM is specifically designed to remotely install ICCP anodes on monopile foundations of all sizes, anywhere on the foundation and even in the roughest ocean conditions.

The ICCP-SAM (Subsea Assembly Method) is extremely compact and can be transported and deployed with minimal resources from the topside of the offshore foundation. The ICCP-SAM is operated remotely and maneuvers the anode underwater into the designated foundation entry hole. The anode is then secured to the foundation using the same tool. One of the biggest benefits is that an anode can be replaced in the same way throughout the lifetime of the foundation. Even more important, it eliminates the need for diving operations.

In addition to its infinite applicability to protect monopile foundations of all sizes worldwide, this method of installation leads to major savings in time and money.

Unlike traditional methods which require larger installation vessels and a significant amount of secondary steel or a vulnerable CPS construction, this new installation method comes only with a few design requirements and does not require large supply vessels.

Another major advantage is that every type of monopile can now be protected in an environmentally friendly way during its entire lifespan. From the moment of installation to decommissioning.

Whitepaper ICCP vs GACP

DOWNLOAD Whitepaper Power Outage and ICCP