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Wind Farm Protection and Maintenance

People have been harnessing wind as a source of energy for centuries. Unlike carbon and fossil fuels, wind energy is easy to create. It is renewable. It is clean. And it’s almost limitless. All of which means it is becoming ever more important, as societies around the world tackle climate change, and transition from traditional fossil fuels to more sustainable energy sources.

Environmentally friendly offshore wind turbine maintenance​

Thankfully, the maintenance of offshore wind farms [this] is not a problem without a solution. In 2008, CORROSION became the first company in the world to develop an anti-corrosion solution utilizing Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) systems in the offshore wind industry that is cost-effective, easy-to-maintain and environmentally friendly.

Continuing to lead the way

Over a decade on, we remain the global leader in ICCP systems for offshore
wind farms, helping protect thousands of wind turbines that provide a renewable source of energy to millions of households.

Making wind energy truly sustainable
Many wind farms are located offshore, and just like any submerged metal structures, offshore wind farm foundations are susceptible to corrosion, which is costly, can seriously damage the structures and even result in wind turbine shutdown.
Protecting offshore wind farm foundations

Maintenance for offshore wind farms is not easy. What few people realize is that traditional methods of protecting submerged metal surfaces from corrosion in maritime environments are by no means pollution free, releasing large quantities of heavy metals and metals such as zinc and aluminum into precious marine ecosystems. The result? Some wind farms are far more eco-friendly above water than below it.

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