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Protecting your precious equipment and properties from fouling and corrosion is our soul objective.

As compassionate trailblazers, we’re market leaders in consistently developing better products and processes. Wherever you are in the world, our team is dedicated to keeping you going. No matter what.


CORROSION’s R&D department, RH Marine and research institute TNO are working together on the Guarding the E-Field project. The goal of this project is to better protect the ships

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Propeller Shaft Grounding

A solution to protect your vessel against spark erosion. Three question answered by Account Manager Steven Tolhoek WHAT IS IT The Propeller Shaft Grounding (PSG) system

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Wind farms in the sea protected by traditional aluminum sacrificial anodes release 1.5 million kilos of aluminum into the surrounding seawater over a period of 25 years. CORROSION’S sustainable ICCP technology releases a drastically reduced 1 kilo of ICCP anode material over the same period of time.

Whitepaper ICCP vs GACP