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UV-C Cooler

CORROSION has a proud track record of developing innovative new products and processes. One of our most exciting recent developments is our UV-C Cooler, a highly efficient, cost-effective and non-chemical alternative to traditional anti-fouling methods that works under all conditions.

Marine fouling is caused by the accumulation of unwanted materials on a metal surface. This represents a serious problem for constructions mounted in sea water and waterborne vehicles, leading to impaired performance, increased costs and added maintenance requirements.

A sustainable solution

Unlike any other product on the market, CORROSION’s UV-C box cooler combines two existing technologies: UV-C light technology, which is based on Philips IP, to eliminate fouling growth; and pillow plate technology to provide highly-efficient cooling.

We also offer tailor-made UV-C coolers. These provide full environmental box cooler fouling protection, even with stagnant water in the box cooler sea chest.

A key benefit of our UV-C coolers is that they can be used for both retrofit and newbuilding. For retrofit, the UV-C cooler is designed to be backwards compatible to the existing box cooler, whereas for newbuilding, the cooler is custom designed to meet the required specifications.

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