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From left to right: Robert Roeleven (COO), Arjan de Goffau (CFO), Bart Wessels (CCO).

CORROSION has been in the business of protecting offshore wind farms, vessels, and drilling rigs since 1993. From our humble beginnings in the small town of Moerkapelle in the Netherlands, we’ve grown into an internationally recognized specialist in creative, sustainable, state-of-the-art solutions in corrosion and cathodic protection. Our highly sophisticated ICCP and ICAF systems are operating around the world, protecting your valuable equipment.

Over the years we’ve built and expanded from this solid home base. Today we’re a major global player in anti-fouling and maritime protection. We’ve got successful subsidiaries in Germany, China and Vietnam. And you can find our products working all around the world.

Bringing you the best, SMARTest products and solutions is only part of who we are. Our clients matter to us. For the long haul. Whether it’s a wind turbine, a drilling rig, a vessel, or any other oceanic asset, our goal is to unburden you. See what we’re up to now!

Our roots are important to us. Continuing to develop in a changing market is too. CORROSION is still based in Moerkapelle, where we also do our manufacturing. And as compassionate trailblazers, we also have a unique research laboratory there on location. This lab is right where we are, every day. We get to personally develop, improve, and test our products. It lets us lead the way in anti-fouling and corrosion solutions.

Clients expect us to know, and deliver, the best practices for solving real-world problems. And we do.