ICCP Maritime

Galvanic corrosion is the number one enemy to any construction in seawater. Our state-of-the-art ICCP system will protect your assets. Anywhere. All the time.

Our systems are SMART. And tailor-made. We can follow, maintain, and fix issues from shore. Extensive checking and control options are directly connected to the vessel management system. We can constantly monitor data with our ICCP cathodic protection system. Even when water conditions change, our system adapts. It continually provides the correct and the best protection. Our technology ensures the right protection for your asset. In every situation. All the time. Precisely fitted to your maritime demands.

Our technology ensures the right protection for your asset.

Estelle Maersk on her maiden voyage. Departing Algeciras for the Suez on the 27th November 2006
Picture must be credited Simon Burchett www.channelphotography.com

ICCP systems explained

Our ICCP systems offer even more benefits. Yes, they’re unique, highly sophisticated solutions. But ICCP has even more advantages over sacrificial anodes. For one, it’s cheaper in the long run. And it’s practically maintenance free. The service life is also long—25 years.

ICCP cathodic protection system

  • Touch screen operation
  • “Off potential” controlled
  • Coating condition indicator
  • Propeller shaft monitoring (+ alarm)
  • Automatic sytem scan
  • Down-/uploading via SD
  • Automatic / Manual mode
  • History of all data in years
  • 3 points temperature check of the cabinet (+alarm function)
  • Connect to vessel Management System via ethernet, RS485 and RS232 (optional)


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