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Service and Maintenance

We have a team of experts here. At your service. These people are the heart and DNA of CORROSION. They’re integral to our mission. They deliver Service and Maintenance on all your precious offshore equipment and properties.

Our team can be found all across the globe. Experts with knowledge about both short-term and long-term care of your assets or fleet. Know-how and systems that give insight –whether it’s for one object or 100 vessels. Maritime protection or offshore maintenance.

Our many locations are time efficient as well. We can be there quickly. Even spur-of-the-
moment. Because sometimes things just happen. Or, maybe you want more. We’ve got state-of-the-art long-term service plans. Our IMO-number system will keep you up and running. Maximum efficiency for the long haul.

Clients expect us to know, and deliver, the best practices for solving real-world problems. And we do.


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