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Offshore Wind

For centuries people have used wind as an energy resource. It’s all around us and it’s unlimited. Nowadays offshore wind energy is seen as one of the most environmentally friendly sources of energy. With other options becoming scarce, more costly, or just not good for the planet, this sector will continue to grow.

While wind turbines are the symbol of “clean energy”, the traditional corrosion protection systems create enormous amounts of pollution and actually damage marine life. SInce 2008, Corrosion has been the expert and leader in bringing an innovative ICCP solution to this important market. Our SMART technology and sustainable, non-polluting systems have resulted in our serving 95% of the wind sector. Our sophisticated ICCP system brings maintenance and problem-solving directly to you as the client. Service can be performed remotely and easily, with the click of a mouse. From your office or ours. You have control.

Modern wind turbines and their foundations require care. Since they’re made of steel and usually located in (sea) water, they’re at risk of being damaged by corrosion and fouling. Both inside and outside.

Clients expect us to know, and deliver, the best practices for solving real-world problems.
And we do.



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