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Keep your vessel free from marine growth with our anti fouling system

Marine fouling is caused by the accumulation of biological growth on surfaces exposed to sea water. This represents a serious problem for both constructions mounted in sea water and waterborne vehicles, leading to impaired performance, increased costs and added maintenance requirements.

A number of anti fouling methods exist, and at CORROSION we offer two distinct anti-fouling systems. Both of these anti fouling methods are highly effective, helping to keep your valuable equipment free of organic growth.

CORROSION’s antifouling methods not only set the standard when it comes to offering high-quality, but also sustainable protection against [marine] fouling. The antifouling technology creates a current between copper anodes and integrated steel plate cathodes. Choose your preferred anti fouling system below. 

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Antifouling technology ICAF

To learn more about our ICAF anti-fouling system, please click here.

anti fouling system

Antifouling technology UV-C

To learn more about UV-C Cooler anti-fouling system, please click here.

Whitepaper ICCP vs GACP