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CORROSION stands for unparalleled quality. State-of-the art service and protection solutions for all your maritime assets. We’ve been around since 1993. We’ve helped shape the maritime industry. Companies that expect more come to us to meet their anti-fouling and corrosion needs.

Our highly sophisticated ICAF/MGPS and ICCP applications are used worldwide by important global players in the Maritime sector. And our own Royal Netherlands Navy. We supply the best.

We’re dedicated to staying ahead of the game. Even now, we’re working on new, cutting-edge developments. Like Ultra-sound and UV-C cooler technology. Products that work for your

equipment and properties. Efficient technological innovation for today’s world. We deliver the best.

Here at CORROSION, our clients matter to us. To unburden you is our goal. And we’ll go the extra mile to get things done. No problem. Wherever you are. Our tailor-made maritime service solutions are designed to continue to work. For the long haul. We keep you going.

Clients expect us to know, and deliver, the best practices for solving real-world problems. And we do.



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