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On & Offshore Applications

Galvanic corrosion is the enemy of any type of construction in contact with sea water. Structures on or offshore anything submerged in seawater or buried in the ground are all at serious risk.
Butendiek 80 Monopile External 04-08-2015
Changle A 26 Jacket External and Internal 01-10-2021
Changle A Substation 1 Jacket External 01-10-2021
Changle C 14 Jacket External 01-10-2021
DanTysk 80 Monopile External 30-04-2015
DanTysk Substation 1 Jacket External 30-04-2015
DanTysk OAP Substation 1 Jacket External 30-04-2015
Deutsche Bucht 31 Monopile External and Internal 30-09-2019
Galloper 56 Monopile Internal 03-04-2018
Global Tech 80 Tripod External 02-09-2015
Global Tech Substation 1 Jacket External 02-09-2015
Greater Gabbard 140 Monopile External 07-08-2013
Hohe See 71 Monopile Internal 01-11-2019
Hollandse kust 70 Monopile External 01-06-2023
Horns Rev III 49 Monopile External and Internal 22-08-2019
Kaskasi Substation 1 Monopile External and Internal 01-10-2022
Kaskasi II 38 Monopile External and Internal 01-10-2022
Les Eoliennes Flottantes du Golf du Lion 4 Monopile External 01-09-2023
Luchterduinen 43 Monopile External 21-09-2015
Meerwind 80 Monopile External 29-12-2014
Meerwind Substation 1 Jacket External 29-12-2014
Merkur 66 Monopile External and Internal 24-06-2019
Seamade (Seastar) 30 Monopile External and Internal 15-12-2020
Seamade (Mermaid) 28 Monopile External and Internal 15-12-2020
Northwester II 23 Monopile External and Internal 14-05-2020
Northwester II Substation 1 Monopile External 14-05-2020
Noshiro Port 21 Monopile External and Internal 31-12-2022
Rentel 42 Monopile Internal 31-12-2018
Riffgat 30 Monopile External and Internal 07-03-2014
Riffgat Substation 1 Jacket External 07-03-2014
Saint Nazaire 80 Monopile External and Internal 31-12-2022
Sandbank 72 Monopile External and Internal 25-01-2017
Triton Knoll 90 Monopile External and Internal 01-01-2022
Veja Mate 67 Monopile Internal 31-05-2017
Xinghua Bay Substation 1 Monopile External 01-01-2017
Yunlin 80 Monopile External and Internal 31-03-2022

These valuable assets need protection from corrosion and antifouling. CORROSION is a highly respected authority in this field. We’ve developed state-of-the-art ICCP systems, systems which are working all over the globe, maintaining the service life of all kinds of properties in and around the sea.

Our systems are unique and tailor-made to fit your needs. Our anodes are easily installed and can be fitted to the design of various structures. And because we work with Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO) keramox® or Platinized Titanium anodes, our ICCP anodes will last at least 25 years or longer. You’ll get optimum protection–long service life for your assets. With maximized efficiency.

Clients expect us to know, and deliver, the best practices for solving real-world problems. And we do.


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