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ICCP System On & Offshore

As seawater is a natural electrolyte with a high corroding rate. Any structure submerged in fresh or sea water or buried in the ground is at risk of galvanic corrosion unless the correct protection is in place.

An important characteristic of ICCP anode materials is the relationship between the rate of consumption and the current output. The consumption
rate of galvanic anodes is, for instance, very high in comparison with that of our special Metal Mixed Oxide (MMO) keramox®, or Platinized Titanium anodes ICCP anodes. At CORROSION we guarantee that the anodes used in our ICCP systems last for 25 years.

Transformer Rectifier Units are custom-made to meet the specific system and/or customer specifications. Options include air or oil cooled, manually or automatically controlled, and with special units available for hazardous environments. The cabinets are suitable for pole, wall or floor mounting, and for indoor or outdoor installation. Each unit has a lockable front-opening door for easy access, and analogue or digital voltage/current, with potential readout meters installed on the enclosure door or inside the cabinet.

Galvanic anode cathodic protection

Many assets, such as oil rigs, need to operate efficiently for decades. At CORROSION, we offer a range of galvanic anode corrosion protection solutions that offer the very best protection for as long as possible to a wide range of structures onshore, offshore, and in harbors. The Ti-MMO anodes in our Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) system are tailor-made by size and shape for any structure, and are easy to fit and install.

ICCP anode materials

CORROSION’s ICCP systems are state of the art, with tailor-made Ti-MMO anodes that can last for over 25 years

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