ICCP Offshore WIND

ICCP Offshore wind protection by Corrosion. Wind technology is not new. Historically it’s been used to pump water, mill grain, or cut wood. In today’s world, wind turbines have become a symbol of “clean energy.” They have a reputation of being efficient and environmentally friendly technology. 

ICCP Offshore wind systems
Modern day wind turbines are often found in or near the sea. Which means they’re susceptible to corrosion and fouling, just like any other sea water construction. Sacrificial anodes can be used to protect the steel from rust and fouling. But, there’s a problem. Anodes simply aren’t environmentally friendly. They release enormous amounts of zinc and aluminum into the environment.
We were the first to see the possibilities and we continue to bring successful sustainable solutions to this sector.

Our highly sophisticated ICCP offshore wind systems effectively protect steel wind turbines foundations from corrosion problems for decades. Our specially made ICCP anodes work for more than 25 years. And without releasing any harmful material into the environment!

You can follow each wind turbine from your own location

Location used to be an issue. Most wind turbines are offshore, far from the mainland. The old technology required individual inspections and maintenance–On location. Not anymore. Our systems have been redesigned. They’re SMART. You can follow each wind turbine from your own location. Reading data and making adjustments can be done with the click of your mouse.

Some of Our Offshore Wind References

  • Alpha Ventus, 6 tripods
  • Greater Gabberd, 140 monopiles
  • Borkum West, 40 tripods
  • Global Tech I, 40 tripods
  • Global Tech II, 40 tripods
  • Riffgat, 30 monopiles
  • Meerwind, 80 monopiles
  • DanTysk, 80 monopiles
  • Luchterduinen, 43 monopiles
  • Butendiek, 80 monopiles
  • Sandbank, 72 monopiles (Int. & Ext. ICCP)
  • Veja Mate, 67 monopiles
  • Galloper, 56 monopiles
  • Zhongmin China, 10 8-pile structures
  • BARD Offshore I, substation
  • Borkum West II, substation
  • Global Tech I, substation
  • Riffgat, substation
  • DanTysk, substation
  • Meerwind, substation
You can follow each wind turbine from your own location



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