CORROSION’s R&D department, RH Marine and research institute TNO are working together on the Guarding the E-Field project. The goal of this project is to better protect the ships of the Royal Netherlands Navy against the threat of sea mines. Bureau Signaturen is the initiator of this project from the Defense Materiel Organization (DMO) – Ministerie van Defensie.

The currents running through an ICCP system produce a signal that can be detected by sensors on modern sea mines. It is therefore important to understand how an ICCP system can be deployed in such a way that the exposure to danger is as small as possible. That is why, in collaboration with TNO, a model facility has been set up at one of our locations to understand this on a small scale. After completion of the scale experiments, new technology will be brought on board the ships of our navy together with RH Marine and with the support of DMO.

We are proud to be part of this project to protect not only the ships, but ultimately their crew and their mission

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