Time for a proper introduction of our new agent Patrick Rabindran CEng from MCPL and the UK offshore wind market. Patrick is a specialist in cathodic protection and will represent us in the UK with offshore wind.
Manager Offshore Wind Niels Ros: ‘The English market is mature but eager to learn. The basis comes from the well-known oil and gas sector and has developed over the years into a real sector of its own. The knowledge and experience available in the UK is unprecedented. But despite years of experience, the UK is open to new developments.
Take, for example, the ICCP system, which surprisingly for many is relatively young, new and unknown. Traditionally, standard sacrificial anodes were used. Now that sustainability is the desired and unavoidable way to the go, the application of environmentally friendly technology is even more important.
With our new partner we contribute to this development and technology. In addition, Patrick brings years of experience in the field of cathodic protection. We as CORROSION cannot offer the English market a better combination.’

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