New old partnership

We are pleased to announce that we are also setting foot in South Korea to conquer the offshore wind market with our sustainable anti-corrosion solution.

In South Korea we enter into a partnership with well-known partner; HAEDONG METAL CO. LTD. They have been our agent in the maritime market for more than ten years. They are now going to expand their territory into the Offshore Wind market. We are very pleased that HAEDONG will now also represent our sustainable alternative to traditional protection.

The South Korean Offshore Wind market is young and eager to learn. The Korean market is open to the knowledge and experiences from Europe in the field of Offshore Wind. HAEDONG’s experience in cathodic protection is second to none. Combined with CORROSION’s expertise and our global manufacturing locations, we believe this will give us the strongest possible construction to serve the South Korean market.

Protecting Poland

We are proud to announce a new international partnership to further expand our reach and sustainable journey in the Offshore Wind and Maritime market. This time we set foot in Poland where we entered into a partnership with the men from CO-MADE. “Due to the enormous potential and developments in Offshore Wind in the Baltic States and the existing maritime repair possibilities for ships, CORROSION has decided to also collaborate with this local specialist in Poland,” says Manager Offshore Wind Niels Ros.

“The Polish offshore wind market promises enormous growth in the coming years, says Bogusz Pniewski of CO-MADE. “In 2030, a supply of 5.9 GW of green energy is expected. That calls for collaboration with experienced partners who ensure environmentally friendly technologies.”

“CO-MADE has many years of experience in project management and is very active in the offshore wind industry,” said Niels. “With the reinforcement of CO-MADE, we expect to give a boost to our sustainable ICCP system in Poland to protect foundations against corrosion. In addition, our new sustainable anti-fouling solution, the UV-C Cooler, fits perfectly into the Baltic retrofit market. Major ship owners have found the way to CORROSION to replace their existing fleet with the UV-C Cooler. We consider Poland to be a very strategic point for this product as well.”

“As forerunners in the renewable energy sector in Poland, we are creating business connections for the offshore wind and marine market,” said Bogusz. “Our team provides business matching, project management and other support to ensure quality levels within the required delivery schedule. We are very pleased to support CORROSION’s activities in Poland. The combination of CO-MADE’s knowledge of the Polish market and CORROSION’s experience as market leaders in sustainable protection against fouling and corrosion should be a successful combination.” “Successful together” and “Steel going strong” have a new meaning.”

Let’s make wind truly sustainable

Our resolution for the new year remains unchanged: let’s make wind truly sustainable. Few people realize that many wind farms above water are much more environmentally friendly than below. Like all metal structures in marine environments, wind turbine foundations are susceptible to corrosion.

There is still so much to gain that we continue to spread this message and make people aware of the huge difference in pollution between the traditional protection of foundations against corrosion and a 21st century sustainable solution such as ICCP. Not to mention the difference in footprint that both applications leave behind. In addition, the operating costs are ultimately even lower than with the traditional method.

By helping the industry embrace sustainable solutions we believe can make wind turbines as clean and sustainable as the energy they produce.

Our CCO Bart Wessels is so convinced of this mission and the solution we have for it, that he himself takes the floor in this video to tell you exactly what the difference is, what the consequences are and what we can do for you.

Watch the video here