We’re excited to introduce the new whitepaper ‘UV-C and laid up vessels’. CORROSION has developed the first maritime cooling system that prevents marine growth, even when the ship is laid up. Rather than chemicals, it relies on the disinfecting power of a particularly energetic type of ultraviolet radiation called UV-C.

Box coolers, the most commonly used cooling systems for vessels up to 120 meters, rely on running engines to prevent marine growth on the tubing that releases engine heat to the surrounding water. When the vessel is laid-up, there’s a significant chance that, over time, an ecosystem of marine organisms will establish itself on the cooler. Removing it typically requires costly dry-dock maintenance, yet leaving it there at the very least decreases efficiency and, in the worst-case scenario, will cause major operational and safety issues down the line.

Read more about this solution in the whitepaper ‘UV-C and laid up vessels’. Now available for download here.

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