It may not be a nice round number, but that doesn’t make it any less special for us and calls for a moment to reflect on. It has been sixteen years since we developed the very first Impressed Current Cathodic Protection system, designed specifically for the offshore wind industry. This environmentally friendly ICCP system protects foundations against corrosion.

A lot has happened since then. We established our own lab and continued to innovate and improve the ICCP technology and further reduce that footprint. In addition, the system now also enables you to monitor and control the entire process from shore via SCADA.
We have expanded not only in what we do, but also geographically with successful subsidiaries everywhere from Germany and France to China and Vietnam. In 2021 we established a CORROSION team with local representatives to directly serve the offshore markets in the US and UK.
What has not changed is that our products are still manufactured to the highest quality, which is achieved by designing each system to the relevant industry and quality standards. Today, more than 3,100 of our systems are in use and provide sustainable protection around the world, making us the international market leader in protecting offshore wind foundations.
With our unique ICCP solution, we will continue to protect wind turbines against corrosion and contribute to making them as clean and sustainable as the energy they produce. Something we hope and believe the entire industry can achieve by embracing new technologies. Let’s make wind truly sustainable!

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