Over the past week the Dutch government has made several statements regarding its policy on the COVID-19 (Corona) virus. Corrosion takes these guidelines seriously and after reviewing the advice and policies from national and international sources, including the World Health Organization, Corrosion immediately implemented, and then updated, various extra measures for health and safety.

Corrosion is continuing with business, but in a modified manner. All of our staff, locally and abroad, have been informed regarding the current status of the virus and the ramifications. Most staff are working from home, although some are at our offices. Strict measures have been implemented for activities at and around the Corrosion offices. At this time, we are not receiving visitors, unless there is absolutely no other option.

Engineers and other representatives will not be working on location or on international projects. In cases of emergency, please contact us. Production is still up and running. With the current state of affairs, this might occur differently than what you are accustomed to. Think in terms of possible delays, etc. Again, if you have
questions or concerns, please contact us.

We will continue to implement all of the government measures. These include no hand shaking, extra instructions for proper hand washing, extra instructions for cleaning staff to ensure thorough cleaning of items such as door handles, desks and tables, and anything people may touch a lot during the workday. We will maintain a distance of 1.5 meters from one another, whenever possible. Everyone is instructed not to attend meetings or gatherings of more than 100 people, whether public or private in nature. If possible, people should remain at home as much as possible.

These measures are in effect until 6 April 2020, unless we receive new information and guidelines from the government. It seems clear that information and circumstances surrounding COVID-19 can change rapidly. Corrosion will continue to follow developments and make updates accordingly. Please feel free to contact us if
you have further questions or would like more information.

Even in these unusual circumstances, we continue to strive to give you the service you are accustomed to. You can always reach us, no matter what.



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