Light in the darkness

These are still challenging times for the maritime industry. As the coronavirus is disrupting trade all over the world, many shipping companies have no other option than to lay-up (some of) their vessels and wait for better times. CORROSION can at least help prevent a second problem from occurring and that is cooler fouling. Our UV-C Cooler protects against fouling even when the vessel is laid up.
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The use of sacrificial anodes leads to the release of heavy metals and metals such as zinc and aluminum into the marine environment. The result? Over the 25-year lifetime of a wind farm, literally millions of kilograms of metal alloys can be discharged into the seawater. What’s more, the sourcing, transportation and maintenance of the metals used in sacrificial anodes, also comes with a significant carbon footprint. Thankfully this is not a problem without a solution. Find out how: