Simulation-based Monitoring

Nowadays, an ICCP system is  utilized more often to protect complex onshore and offshore structures against corrosion. In order to make a suitable and controllable system design, many factors must be taken into consideration because of the increasing complexity of steel structures and the more stringent environmental aspects and specifications. Simulation software has been developed to check and optimize the designs of cathodic protection systems (ICCP systems, sacrificial anodes or a combination).

The results of this modeling, achieved by advanced software technology, provide  reliable and extended insight into the cathodic protection levels.

The next step is Real Time ICCP Simulation-based Monitoring. Elsyca NV and CORROSION combined their expertise and developed this sophisticated combination.

This Real Time ICCP Simulation-based Monitoring application interprets and transfers the continuous flow of data from the ICCP system into a real time simulation model. With this real time ICCP model, the user has a powerful monitoring tool. Every detail of the steel structure (wind turbines, rigs, pipelines, etc.) can be checked directly for appropriate cathodic protection. This can never be achieved with an ICCP system without this flexible monitoring tool. Data from this real time model can be easily interpreted remotely and used to fine tune the ICCP system, whenever and wherever necessary.


  • Remote monitoring
  • Remote adjustment
  • Optimization of system settings with virtual system reference electrodes
  • Complete history log of the system data
  • Access to key corrosion parameters in remote areas
  • Assesment of the corrosion influence during transportation and maintenance phases
  • Prediction of service life evolution of the overall structure
  • Real-time view and controlled adaptation of the signature envelope (navy applications)