Services as Science

As our valued customer you should feel welcome, comfortable, preferred, appreciated and well treated. It is our pleasure to do business with you. Please let us know if you do not recognize yourself with the afore mentioned. We really want to take good care of you.

See it as a challenge

Mistakes will always happen as long as people are involved. This actually makes things more interesting and once everything has been resolved, we feel satisfied and happy. Imagine a world which is flawless! It might turn out to be very boring indeed. So when mistakes are detected with regard to our systems, we face those mistakes and see it as an opportunity to solve the problems in the very best way. We have built a dedicated service department over time to help our customers with all their inquiries. Our Service Engineers are there to assist our customers with the installation of new systems or their replacement through spare parts. In that way, we make sure our systems perform as they should, that is flawlessly, as only a computer can.

Sharing our knowledge

We share our knowledge with our customers. Just to give you an example: when our ICAF systems are installed without the necessary system installation protocols or by people who do not have the right skills, it might result in system failures. We developed a service network all around the globe, to keep these risks as low as possible. We train our agencies to provide good service and have Corrosion Engineers available in every corner of the world. Make use of them, since their assistance may save you unscheduled maintenance! By sharing our knowledge we mean: we provide dedicated training to our customers. Inform us if you want to use this facility.

In every corner of the world

We truly follow our customers. Being able to speak in your own language makes things easier, wouldn’t you say? That is exactly why we follow our customers by establishing good local representatives, one that is able to provide good service. We keep this network up to date! In 2014, one of our customers in Panama ran into failures with the non-OEM purchased ICAF anodes. The problem was solved by our local agent. This process is fast and very cost effective.

We use every flaw as an opportunity to grow and make the difference by providing fast and appropriate service. We see service as science. Please do not hesitate to contact us if needed. We are here to help!

Issue or question? Submit a ticket!

We are here to help! If you have any question, suggestion, problem or complaint about our company or products, please contact our knowledge base or let us know. Register as an individual or a company, submit a ticket and follow the progress of your issue.

Would you like to send your issue by email without registering? No problem at all, please use You are very welcome!

Service reports

Use the buttons below to view and/or download a blank service report for Impressed Current Anti-fouling (ICAF) and/or Cathodic Protection (ICCP).