Maintenance Benefit Program

Our Maintenance Benefit Program (MBP) is available to all our clients. Because we’re more than simply a supplier. We’re invested in the long haul.

Keeping you up and running—at optimum performance level– matters to us. Keeping costs clear and predictable –matters to us.

We’re happy to bring you state-of-the-art products. But wise investments profit from beneficial partnerships. Let us share our years of experience and expertise with you. We’ve got Sales Reps, Service Engineers, and cutting-edge Researchers on hand. All the time. All around the world. Our highly trained and experienced team can make your investments even more efficient. And more profitable.

Protecting your assets in the best way possible is what we do. But with an eye on our surroundings whenever we can.

ICCP cathodic protection system

  • Touch screen operation
  • “Off potential” controlled
  • Coating condition indicator
  • Propeller shaft monitoring (+ alarm)
  • Automatic sytem scan
  • Down-/uploading via SD
  • Automatic / Manual mode
  • History of all data in years
  • 3 points temperature check of the cabinet (+alarm function)
  • Connect to vessel Management System via ethernet, RS485 and RS232 (optional)
Our MBP will bring you our know-how. Tailor-made, exactly right for your needs—Now and as they evolve. Check out how this extended maintenance package plan can benefit you.


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