On/Offshore Oil and Gas

Galvanic corrosion is the enemy of any type of construction in contact with sea water. Structures on or offshore anything submerged in seawater or buried in the ground are all at serious risk.

These valuable assets need protection from corrosion and antifouling. Corrosion is a highly respected authority in this field. We’ve developed state-of-the-art ICCP systems, systems which are working all over the globe, maintaining the service life of all kinds of properties in and around the sea.

Our systems are unique and tailor-made to fit your needs. Our anodes are easily installed and can be fitted to the design of various structures. And because we work with Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO) keramox® or Platinized Titanium anodes, our ICCP anodes will last at least 25 years or longer. You’ll get optimum protection–long service life for your assets. With maximized efficiency.



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