Maintenance Benefits Program (MBP)

Keep your ICCP system in optimal condition with services and support from Corrosion

Our Maintenance Benefits Program (MBP) is exclusively designed to meet the needs of vessel owners, especially those with underwater protection applications based on Corrosion ICCP systems. The MBP includes services, support and the components which are most subjected to wear and tear of your ICCP system.

Why do I need a Maintenance Benefits Program?

Maintenance is an important part of your vessel- and facility management. We offer you customized service which will keep your property in optimal condition and will improve your system lifetime. Also you basically only a few times the opportunity to check your complete underwater system. We can support you during this period as efficiently as possible.

How does the Maintenance Benefits Program work?

The program is tailor made and occurs on a pre-determined schedule. Based on the commissioning date of the system and your planned dry dock schedule we have stipulated the number and type of components you need. With the broad competence of our Corrosion qualified specialists, we can take care of your entire system.

Corrosion MBP’s are offered as a customer specific dry-dock contract period, making your costs clear and predictable.

Program features and benefits

  • Your ICCP system remains in optimal condition.
  • Minimizes your costs and downtime significantly.
  • No big investments required.
  • Easing planning of your maintenance schedule and on-board workload.
  • Remote monitoring options.
  • Monthly logdata reviews and analyses.

For more information about our Maintenance Benefits Program please send us an email via: