Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) for On&Offshore and Harbour

(Sea)water is a natural electrolyte of high corroding rate. On&Offshore and harbor structures submerged in (sea)water or buried in the ground are at the serious threat of corrosion, which challenges the safe operation. These structures frequently have an expected service life of decades. To survive, the structures must be protected from corrosion with our Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) system or sacrificial anodes.

We developed an ICCP system, in which the size and shape of the Ti-MMO anodes are tailor-made in a unique way due to the different structures to be protected. As a result, these tailor made anodes are easy to install and meet the design of different structures.

Anode Materials of ICCP System

Besides the lifetime, the most important characteristic of an anode material is the relationship between the rate of consumption and the current output. The consumption rate of galvanic anodes, for example, is very high in comparison with our special ICCP anodes, such as Metal Mixed Oxide (MMO) keramox®, or Platinized Titanium anodes. Our ICCP anodes last for 25 years.

Rectifier Units

Transformer Rectifier Units are tailor-made to meet all the system requirements and/or customers specifications. They are air or oil cooled, manually or automatically potential controlled and suitable for placing in most common environments. Special units are available for use in hazardous environments. The cabinets are suitable for pole, wall or floor mounting and for in/outdoor installation. These units are provided with a lockable front opening door for easy access. Analogue or digital voltage/current and potential readout meters are installed either on the enclosure door or inside the cabinet.

Reference Electrodes

The high purity zinc reference electrode (Zn=99.995%) is utilized in our ICCP systems. The zinc reference cells continuously monitor the potential of the hull and feed measurements back to the Power Unit. Then the Power Unit automatically calculates the accurate current output activated by the Ti-MMO anodes.