Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) for Offshore Wind

Wind turbines used to be often used to pump the water, grind the grains or cut the wood as a machine workshop. Nowadays, the purpose for wind turbines is rather different; they are always regarded as the modern technology symbol of clean energy. Since traditional resources (coal, gas, etc.) are being depleted and are becomming more expensive, wind turbines are getting more and more popular these days, since the source of wind is unlimited and it produces power without any pollution.

However, these huge steel  wind turbines structures are usually located near or in the sea. As a result, the bare steel must be seriously protected against corrosion, to Ensure that they can survive during many years (usualy decades). Protection with sacrificial anodes is a solution, which actually does not fit with the “clean energy” label wind turbines have, as tons of zinc or aluminum are released to the environment.

Our highly sophisticated environmental friendly ICCP system can effectively protect these steel wind turbines from corrosion problems for decades since our specially made ICCP anode will give constant protection for  wind turbines for more than 25-year without releasing any material to the environment.

Wind turbines are normally located offshore and far away from the mainland. With the old technology, the protection status and downloading/uploading of data can only be obtained by visiting all the wind turbines one-by-one and inspecting them. This is really time consuming and inefficient. Therefore, we have redesigned the software and hardware for our high frequency power unit. Now all the readings, changes of settings and downloading/uploading of data can be obtained in your own office since the power unit can be remotely connected and controlled. Therefore, you can trace the protection status of every single wind turbine at any time just by clicking.

List of our Offshore Wind references

  • Alpha Ventus, 6 tripods
  • Greater Gabberd, 140 monopiles
  • Borkum West, 40 tripods
  • Global Tech I, 40 tripods
  • Global Tech II, 40 tripods
  • Riffgat, 30 monopiles
  • Meerwind, 80 monopiles
  • DanTysk, 80 monopiles
  • Luchterduinen, 43 monopiles
  • Butendiek, 80 monopiles
  • Sandbank, 72 monopiles (Int. & Ext. ICCP)
  • Veja Mate, 67 monopiles
  • Galloper, 56 monopiles
  • Zhongmin China, 10 8-pile structures
  • BARD Offshore I, substation
  • Borkum West II, substation
  • Global Tech I, substation
  • Riffgat, substation
  • DanTysk, substation
  • Meerwind, substation