Corrosion Laboratory

The mission of The Corrosion Laboratory is to give customers  high quality research services in the areas of fouling and corrosion including microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC). The Corrosion Laboratory makes the expertise we gained over the years available to you! Whether you need us for a standard test or a very specific test set up, we can help. From a wide variety of microscopy techniques to the latest electrochemical measurements, our laboratory will meet your research or analytical needs. We have all what is needed for a complete assessment with regard to complex corrosion cases.

The need for action – Many corrosion and fouling problems often remain unexplained due to the large number of natural processes involved. Careful examination in a case-by-case basis is, therefore, highly needed. Complex corrosion cases such as those involving MIC cannot be diagnosed without laboratory analyses. Other cases require examination of the available scientific data. Our lab staff maintains strong links with several research groups including universities and will put the available knowledge in the context of your particular problem.

Relevant fields/sectors – Corrosion and fouling problems are widespread in many industries. It does not matter if it is a fresh or seawater environment, protection needs to be in place,  as long as a man-made structure is exposed to the elements. Below an overview is given of some of the more common structures we see affected:

  • Vessels
  • Pipelines and storage tanks at water distribution companies (both drinking and industrial water)
  • Sprinkler systems and other firefighting reservoirs
  • Pipelines and storage tanks in the oil and gas industry
  • Port infrastructure such as mooring poles and quay walls
  • Offshore wind foundations and other offshore structures

Therefore, our Corrosion Laboratory can carry out complete corrosion failure analyses including metallurgy, electrochemistry and microbiology analyses in a single, coherent package.

Corrosion Laboratory, direct telephone number: +31 (0)79 890 9118